Fire Alarm Systems

No matter what your requirements, Knight Security can install a fire alarm system to suit your requirements.

From domestic smoke alarm installations to full scale commercial fire alarm systems, we have experience in installing Fire Alarm Systems in a wide range of situations, from small retail establishments to large care homes with hundreds of rooms.

Fire Alarm Systems installed by us may include a wide range of equipment such as smoke alarms, break glass points, fire alarm panels and fire extinguishers.

As with our Intruder Alarm systems, we provide full maintenance of the fire alarm systems that we install and commission. We are also happy to take over existing systems fitted by other companies and provide repairs, upgrades and maintenance.

More Information

For a quote or if you would like more information regarding our Fire Alarms or any of our services, please call us on 01704 552200 or contact us via the information provided on our contacts page.